DWD Totes

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You totes need at least one of these handsome bags to lug it all around in style and good consciousness.

Illustrated by @alenkabullen, the design reflects: Community - realistic bodies and non-gendered figures, Informed Instruction - the three poses are in sequence, Sustainable/Holistic Practice - the poses are practiced with integrity (e.g., the figure in downward dog is minding their boundaries with bended knees and lifted heels to lengthen their spine).

These totes were lovingly produced by @petitesmainmtl, a Montreal-based organization that offers socio-professional trainings to new Canadians, single mothers, and those receiving social assistance or without income, to break out of social isolation and learn a trade in three fields: industrial sewing, catering, and office administration. In addition, Petites Mains offers programs such as: pre-employment courses, French classes of different levels and social integration. Petites-Mains is in constant evolution, always developing new projects and services to meet the needs of the growing New Canadian communities.