RYS 200 Hour Fundamentals of Vinyasa Yoga

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Expand your awareness and develop a robust curiosity about the world within and all around you through this embodied practice. The Downward Dog 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training program is a revelatory journey that cannot be compared to any other experience of its kind. Have you ever wanted to learn more about human anatomy? What about neuroscience and meditation? Do you know about the transformative breathing and self massage practices that can be used to calm and self-soothe? You might read about these things or hear advice from a friend but some of our greatest experiences come from learning in a collective. Most movement teachers began their yoga love story with a 200 hour teacher training at Downward Dog Yoga Centre. Since 1999 the esteemed training has been a badge of honour worn by yoga teachers in Toronto and beyond. The program is built on an interplay between discipline and flexibility. We honour the infinitely sacred traditions of yoga. Qualities of art, beauty and reverence. Likewise we embrace our inquisitiveness for science and innovation. The rational, the common sensical and neurological. The lens is wide and its scope encompasses social activism, emphasizes generosity and being of service to the community and is taught with compassion and empathy.

Trace the roots of many great movement professionals and they all lead back to Ron Reid, Diane Bruni, Marla Joy and Downward Dog Yoga Centre. We are all teachers and we are all students and have much to learn from each other. Not all who commit to this endevour become yoga teachers. Many are school teachers, nurses, actors, artists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, lawyers, musicians and other imaginative humans looking for a way to better attune to the rhythm of life.

The Downward Dog 200-hour Teacher Training program is a Certified Yoga Alliance Program.

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