Niyama Clean Plant Protein Powder 28 servings- Natural Chocolate - Stevia-free - with real Organic Cocoa

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848 g/28 servings

When it came time to create a chocolate version of our Plant Protein, we wanted it to be perfect. We added organic cocoa and natural chocolate flavour to our super smooth organic pea protein.  And we sweetened it ever so slightly with monk fruit only.  No stevia.  This deliciously smooth, vegan, not too sweet, all-natural organic chocolate protein powder is the perfect addition to your smoothie or shake.  With 20g of organic plant-sourced protein plus fibre, vitamins and minerals in each scoop, this powder is vegan-friendly, allergen-free, extremely low in fat, with zero sugar or stevia and nothing artificial. 

  • Plant Protein you’ll actually enjoy – delicious enough to drink with just water!
  • 20g of high-quality complete protein from organically grown peas per scoop
  • With vitamins and fibre
  • Natural chocolate flavour, Stevia-free, Zero Sugars
  • Paleo, Keto & Vegan
  • Smooth, silky texture, never chalky

    Health Canada Approved NPN #80087433