They Said This Would Be Fun (Hardcover) by Eternity Martis

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Eternity Martis shares her experience as one of the few Black students on campus. In this best-selling book, Eternity spends her university years learning more about what someone like her brought out in other people than she did learning about herself. She was confronted by white students in blackface, dealt with being the only person of colour in class, and was tokenized by her romantic partners. As she navigated student life -- moving into her own off-campus house, juggling a double major, joining women's rights groups, and directing student theatre -- she gathered labels she never ask for. But by graduation, she found an unshakeable sense of self and a support network of other women of colour.

Using her award-winning reporting skills, Eternity connects her own experience to the systemic issues plaguing students today.

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On Sale: March 31, 2020

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9780771062186

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart